Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk lost 22lbs in a week after the Russian invasion

Oleksandr Usyk left everything behind and returned to Ukraine to defend his country’s honor following the Russian Invasion. The wife of the heavyweight champ recently opened up about how the war has taken its toll on the proud Ukrainian. 

While speaking with PravdaTUT Lviv, Usyk’s wife Kateryna said, “Sasha lost 10 kilograms (22 lbs) in a week of the war. He was so horrified, in such shock, he was so torn apart. I said, ‘Sasha, please, people are asking, you need to speak, somehow support.’ It is very difficult for him. He doesn’t really like giving interviews in peacetime anyway. Now it’s difficult for him, but he still goes on the air to say something.” 

“His position is clear, he has always been for Ukraine. He has always glorified it and will glorify it for as long as he has enough health and strength.” 

When Russia invaded his home country of Ukraine, Usyk was preparing for his first title defence in a rematch against Anthony Joshua. 

The brave Ukrainian boxer left everything and returned to his home country to battle the Russian forces. But recently, after being given special permission, he left the frontline to return to the boxing ring. Usyk has admitted that the war back home in Ukraine is constantly on his mind while he prepares for the rematch against Anthony Joshua. 

While speaking with Blockasset, Usyk said: “Boxing is a sport and skill, while war is survival. In comparison with war, boxing is child’s play. I have to work out thoroughly during my training period in order to be able to show my best performance. After the rematch with Anthony Joshua, we could start talking about the Tyson Fury match. In other words, now I want to concentrate on my preparation because at the moment I cannot stop thinking about the war, about my friends in Ukraine. I have to get rid of such thoughts in order to prepare for the Joshua rematch.” 

The rematch between Osyk and Joshua is set to take place in June or July, with Saudi Arabia likely to be the host.