Mike Tyson left speechless after hearing about Ngannou’s childhood

Boxing icon Mike Tyson found himself rendered speechless as he listened to the poignant childhood narrative of Francis Ngannou during a recent episode of the Hotboxin podcast.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou’s journey to success was paved with hardships during his formative years. Growing up in impoverished circumstances, he had limited access to formal education. Prior to ascending to the zenith of his career, Ngannou  endured a life where he separated from his parents and toiled in a sand mine.

Embarking on his role as a sand miner at the tender age of 10, Ngannou shouldered responsibilities that were typically reserved for adults. In defiance of adversity, he steered clear of local gangs, opting instead for a positive path.

In his early twenties, Ngannou transitioned to boxing, ultimately traveling to France to chase his pugilistic dreams. Fate led him to cross paths with MMA veteran Fernando Lopez, who introduced him to the world of mixed martial arts. This pivotal juncture marked Ngannou’s foray into MMA, culminating in his crowning as the UFC heavyweight champion in 2021.

Recently, Francis Ngannou graced the stage of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin podcast, igniting a discourse that traversed diverse subjects, including Ngannou’s tumultuous past. In a deeply moving account, Ngannou recounted how he navigated the trials of his childhood, leaving even Mike Tyson in a state of profound speechlessness.

“I grew up in solitude. At the age of 6, following my parents’ divorce, I sought solace with my cousins, finding myself in isolation and yearning for my family’s presence. My attachment to them was immeasurable. Even at that tender age, I constructed a mental sanctuary, visualizing a world where my parents were united, my siblings were close, and everything aligned with my desires,” Ngannou shared.

He continued, “For numerous years, this inner realm provided an escape. Irrespective of the challenges I faced, I could retreat to that mental space and immerse myself in the notion of perfection. It became my refuge.”

Despite his illustrious trajectory within the UFC, Ngannou resolved to part ways with the organization to explore new horizons. Aged 36, he is slated to engage in fistic combat against WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Simultaneously, Ngannou inked a multi-fight agreement with the PFL, a contract boasting financial terms akin to his previous UFC engagement. However, this pact does not preclude Ngannou from chasing his aspirations in boxing, fueling his ambition to confront esteemed heavyweight pugilists and realize his dreams.