Mike Tyson Gets Hilariously Ribbed by Eddie Murphy in Vintage Clip

In this vintage clip, iconic boxer Mike Tyson finds himself on the receiving end of good-natured banter from comedian Eddie Murphy. The amusing exchange took place during a Sammy Davis Jr tribute event back in 1989, showcasing a playful moment between two titans of their respective fields.

The video captures Tyson grappling with an autocue, visibly struggling to navigate through the text before him. With a comedic touch, Murphy couldn’t resist teasing Tyson, particularly highlighting Tyson’s distinctive voice. The lighthearted interaction culminates with Tyson and Murphy engaging in jovial antics before the clip concludes.

Despite Tyson’s enduring status as a megastar, his financial journey has seen its share of ups and downs. Following his retirement from boxing in 2005, Tyson faced significant financial challenges due to poor financial advice. Once commanding a fortune exceeding £233 million, Tyson’s bank balance dwindled to an estimated $3 million.

Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Mike Tyson circa late ’80s, early 90s

The former boxing champion’s lavish lifestyle post-retirement led to a turbulent financial situation, including a high-profile bankruptcy filing in 2003. Among his debts were a hefty $7 million divorce settlement with his second wife, Monica Turner, as well as substantial unpaid taxes both in the US and the UK.

However, Tyson has successfully diversified his career beyond boxing. He has ventured into acting and entrepreneurship, securing lucrative roles in films. Additionally, Tyson disclosed his entry into the burgeoning cannabis industry, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability.

In contrast, Eddie Murphy’s career has seen remarkable longevity and prosperity since the late 1980s. With an impressive career earnings of $104 million and box office hits grossing around £6 billion, Murphy’s status as a Hollywood icon remains unassailable.