Mike Tyson denies he’s interested in boxing UFC legend Mark Hunt in Saudi Arabia

In the world of combat sports, UFC cult hero Mark Hunt has recently stirred excitement with his aspirations for a match against boxing legend Mike Tyson. However, these dreams appear to have hit a snag. Tyson dismissed any claims of negotiations for a potential showdown between them in Saudi Arabia.

Mark Hunt is renowned for winning 13 out of 27 matches in the UFC cage and has entered the boxing realm in his twilight years. His most recent win was a fourth-round knockout against Sonny Bill Williams in November 2022.

The Sydney-based heavyweight said on Wednesday that he intends to engage in bare knuckle boxing before completing his career-ending matchup with boxing icon Tyson.

The 49-year-old Hunt expressed to News Corp, “It could all be coming to fruition. And, geez, at this age? It’s crazy.”

“I grew up watching Tyson. I was a big fan, and I’m still a big fan. Imagine that – three Bare Knuckle fights, then finishing the career off fighting Mike Tyson. Far out, that would be a dream come true.”

Hunt said that negotiations for a bout with Tyson are still in the very early stages. But insiders from Mike Tyson’s camp deny any ongoing discussions regarding a potential bout. A source informed Daily Mail Australia that no talks had taken place with Hunt or his management.

Mark Hunt’s departure from the UFC in 2018 and subsequent legal battles shed light on the motivating factors behind his continued presence in the combat sports arena. Having sued the company after past opponents tested positive for PEDs, Hunt conceded that the primary reason for his prolonged career was to fund the costly lawsuit.

He said: “I’ve gotta pay for this lawsuit. That’s the only reason I’m fighting into my 50s, to pay for this. It’s expensive.”

A pioneer in Australian MMA, Hunt has faced formidable opponents throughout his career. This includes including Fabricio Werdum, Brock Lesnar, Stefan Struve, and Frank Mir.