Mike Tyson debating ring return in massive Saudi Arabia exhibition

Legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson is still considering a comeback to the squared circle if he gets the right offer. Tyson last competed against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

Despite being 56 years old, Tyson expressed his interest in returning to the ring in a recent interview with TMZ. Responding to his current situation, Tyson remarked: “I’m just chilling out.” He then admitted that he ‘doesn’t know’ whether he wants to engage in boxing again.

Tyson then mentioned the possibility of a potential match with Evander Holyfield and revealed that there is interest from Saudi Arabia for an exhibition bout. While talking about his potential match with Evander Holyfield, Tyson said: “I could be persuaded.”

However, Tyson remained non-committal about the financial aspect of his return. He said: “Hey, I have to talk to the people… I can’t express myself clearly, financially.”

After retiring from professional boxing, Tyson participated in his first post-career exhibition bout in 2006. It was a year after his final professional match against Kevin McBride.

Tyson did not return to the ring until his last match against Roy Jones Jr. in July 2020, which ended in a split draw.

Recently, Mike Tyson was asked by History Bites who his toughest opponent was. He replied: “I thought it was Pinklon Thomas, he was my toughest opponent. I never thought him, but two years ago I watched the tape of him, a friend of mine told me to watch it.”

“I hit him with seventeen punches, flat, on the face, he went down but it was seventeen punches! Seventeen punches, flush, all of them were as hard as they could be and the last one he just passed out.”

In recent years, Tyson has been seen enjoying various activities outside the boxing ring. He was spotted attending UFC 287 in Miami, FL., alongside former President Donald Trump and UFC chief Dana White.