Mike Tyson confirms he’s in negotiations with Jake Paul for ring return

Mike Tyson has shown interest in boxing Jake Paul. He has agreed to speak with him over the phone.

Paul’s first option for his next opponent is the heavyweight icon, Mike Tyson. Previously it was reported Paul was negotiating with Mayweather, Michael Bisping, Sonny Bull Williams, Anderson Silva and Oscar De la Hoya.

The rehabilitated Baddest Man on the Planet gave his blessing while appearing on Bill Maher’s show.

“I’m going to call him sometime on Friday and we’re going to talk,” Tyson, 55, added.

“Absolutely,” he said when asked whether he would take the bout.

In 2020, Tyson made a surprising comeback to the ring. He ended up drawing eight rounds against fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

Mike, on the other hand, dropped out of a second bout to avoid being used by hangers-on.

That is until YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul confronted the world’s youngest heavyweight champion. The star prizefighter is just 5-0. He knocked out Tyron Woodley in December after previously defeating him on points.

Paul, 25, will be boxing for the sixth time in his professional career on August 13. Having never competed against a boxer before, Tyson is his favorite pick.

Former heavyweight champion praised the American and cautioned against judging a book by its cover.

He said, “I don’t even look at him the way, I can’t even say what they call him. ”

He also added, “I don’t know, white people hate blue eyes and blonde hair, everybody wants to kill them. But he can fight. That’s his thing, everybody wants to kick his ass. Every nationality wants to kick his ass.”

“He p***es everybody off. But he’s a great salesman, great, great salesman. He’s a great promoter and he doesn’t even know it.”