Mike Tyson ‘accidentally’ helps raise $10M for IDF, then claims he was unaware of the event’s purpose

Renowned boxing icon Mike Tyson found himself in the midst of controversy after attending a fundraising event for the Israeli defense force in Miami.

The fundraising event, organized by Israeli businessmen Benny Shabtai and Oren Alexander, gathered around 500 attendees from various fields, including art, media, and sports. However, Tyson’s presence drew significant attention, especially considering his Muslim background.

Fans expressed disappointment and confusion over Tyson’s participation in an event supporting the Israeli defense force. Speculations arose, with some suggesting financial motives behind Tyson’s attendance.

In response to the backlash, Tyson took to his social media account to address the situation. He stated that he attended the event casually at the invitation of a friend, without prior knowledge of its fundraising nature. Tyson emphasized that no donations were made by him or on his behalf. Asserting his commitment to peace, Tyson, both as a Muslim and a human, clarified that he supports harmony among communities.

Despite Tyson’s explanation, some fans remained skeptical, viewing it as a mere excuse. They questioned how Tyson, a public figure, could be unaware of the event’s nature and voiced concerns about the potential damage to his credibility.

While Tyson’s clarification attempts to distance him from the controversy, the incident has sparked discussions about the responsibilities of public figures in choosing events to attend, especially when sensitive geopolitical issues are involved. The boxing legend, revered for his achievements in the ring, now finds himself navigating through the complexities of public perception.