Mike Perry Goes Off on Dana White: UFC Needs to Start Respecting Their stars

In a recent episode of his Overdogs Podcast, UFC welterweight Mike Perry voiced strong criticism of UFC president Dana White and the UFC for lacking respect towards competitors. Perry argued that despite positioning itself as one of the biggest sports organizations in the world, the UFC does not treat its contenders with the same respect as other major pro sports leagues.

During the episode, Perry’s co-host states: “He kind of attacks Belal, you know, in that manner. And then he talks about Cejudo, you know. And they’re like, ‘what about Cejudo retiring?’ And Dana says he already retired, like I’m not interested in that. He already lay his gloves down one time and I’m like, like, that’s f**king Cejudo who’s put his whole career and life on the line for you for so many years. Like, it’s an odd statement to make.”

Perry argues that instead of caring about the wellbeing and interests of competitors, UFC leadership cares only about money and power. He sees a complete lack of concern for competitors as human beings.

Perry rants: “It funny because they make everybody look the same now. And they want to be f**king NFL, NBA of combat sports, but they don’t f**king act like it. They’re still f**king rude, disrespectful, rich a**holes who don’t give a f**k about these fighters or anyone who f**king puts their life on the line to do this s**t.”

“But then they’ll turn around and say, ‘Oh God bless him, he’s putting his life on the line.’ These f**king fighters, they’ll stand up against the media and they’ll be like, ‘You know what these fucking fighters go through?’ But at the same time, they’re the ones f**king trying to make them kill themselves for this s**t.”

Perry went on to criticize Dana White specifically: “It’s f**king childish. The richest f**king guy, most popular, most famous f**king guy of all time is childish.”

In Perry’s view, Dana White often acts immaturely and fails to show appropriate respect for contenders who sacrifice so much to compete. Additionally, Perry drew contrasts with other major sports organizations.

He says: “Because the NFL owners and s**t, they would never say any of this f**king s**t about any of their players. It’s always love, God, respect, nation, power, you know, honor.”

His point is that in promotions like the NFL, respect and reverence for players is baked into the culture. MMA contenders risk their health and well-being just the same but without organizational support.

Mike Perry delivered an impassioned critique centered on what he sees as a lack of humanity and respect from UFC leadership towards contenders. While harshly worded, his comments shed light on discontent over how UFC leadership handles relationships with its roster.