Mike Perry doubles down on his desire to face Jorge Masvidal in BKFC

The mixed martial arts community has thrown its support behind Mike Perry’s recent proposal for a bare-knuckle boxing clash against Jorge Masvidal.

In his recent bout against Eddie Alvarez, Perry showcased his relentless aggression. The match resulted in a brutal victory for Perry and left Alvarez with a shattered orbital.

Perry’s record in the bare-knuckle circuit includes triumphant matches against Julian Lane, Michael ‘Venum’ Page, Luke Rockhold, and now Alvarez. He has secured his status as the face of BKFC.

Post his second-round TKO win at BKFC 56, Perry took to Twitter to extend a direct challenge to Jorge Masvidal for a bare-knuckle showdown. Expressing his admiration for Masvidal’s skills as an original bare-knuckle boxer, Perry voiced his desire for a bout with him.

Perry tweeted: “A definite tough fight, the toughest out there, would be the original bare knuckle boxer, I watched him on kimbofights on YouTube in high school, I know calling him out could open a whole new world between us but man to man for the prize of a lifetime it would be an honor to bare knuckle fight @GamebredFighter”

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Perry elaborated on his callout, acknowledging Masvidal’s capability to deliver impactful blows. He highlighted the challenge Masvidal presents, expressing how such formidable opposition fuels his motivation.

He said: “The Masvidal fight is intriguing because he can hurt me bad I think. That’s what gets me up in the morning. That’s what makes me work… We know that Masvidal has some of the most killer moves out there.”

Jorge Masvidal was once a brawler in South Florida alongside Kimbo Slice. He has since evolved into a prominent MMA figure. Despite his current status, the prospect of a return to bare-knuckle boxing is exciting for combat sports enthusiasts.

Perry’s callout sparked a flurry of excitement among fans, flooding social media with enthusiastic responses and anticipation for the potential showdown. The idea of witnessing these two powerhouse clash without gloves drew immense interest and support from the MMA community.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“This would be insane. Run it”

“I’d buy that card instantly. But Idk if Jorge wants to fight anymore! I wish this was a few years ago”

“Gamebread is too rich for this sh*t”

“D*mn, that’s actually a well thought out and very tough fight. I’m pretty sure he’s done though. But Perry would really be a good fit in Jorge’s BKMMA.”

Following his loss against Gilbert Burns and subsequent retirement from MMA, Masvidal has expressed interest in pursuing professional boxing. While his future in bare-knuckle boxing remains uncertain, the looming possibility of facing Perry awaits him.