Michael Chandler predicts McGregor clash ends on the ground: “I’d murder him on the ground”

In the world of mixed martial arts, fans and experts alike have been anticipating a showdown between former two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor and seasoned lightweight contender Michael Chandler. Recently, Chandler suggested that he might employ a wrestling-heavy gameplan to gain the upper hand in their matchup.

Michael Chandler is currently ranked number five in the lightweight division, and has been absent from the octagon since his last bout at UFC 281 in November last year. He suffered a third-round submission loss to common rival, Dustin Poirier.

Coincidentally, McGregor’s most recent match also involved Poirier. At UFC 264 in July 2021, McGregor suffered a devastating injury. He fractured his left tibia and fibula, resulting in a first-round doctor’s stoppage TKO loss.

While the anticipated welterweight clash between McGregor and Chandler remains uncertain due to McGregor’s relationship with the USADA, Chandler acknowledges that the chances of the match happening this year are slim.

But if the bout were to materialize, Chandler has issued a strong warning to his rival. He has hinted at employing a wrestling-heavy approach against the former champion, confident in his ability to dominate on the ground.

During a video on channel, Chandler expressed his thoughts on a potential match with McGregor.

He said: “There’s no doubt, I’d murder him (Conor McGregor) on the ground, I think. The thing about him too is – he’s very rangy, in and out – he negotiates and navigates the distance very well, so that’s why he hasn’t been taken down a lot in his fights.”

“So I think he does a good job of coming into the pocket, bouncing out of the pocket, hitting guys with follow-up shots, or, I guess counter strikes if you will.”

Chandler went on to explain: “… That would definitely be the easiest path to victory. That’s been the easiest path to victory in all of my fights, I just haven’t shown it. So, either way, it’ll be the most electrifying first round we’ve ever seen. Okay, maybe I’ll take Conor down – maybe I’ll take Conor down.”