McGregor rallies for women’s sports upon learning what highest paid female athletes make

Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor has been an active advocate for the representation of women in mixed martial arts. He maintains close ties with prominent figures in women’s combat sports, such as Ebanie Bridges, Katie Taylor, and Danni McCormack.

McGregor actively champions the growth of Irish MMA, emphasizing the importance of integrating more Irish female combatants into the sport. In recent tweets, McGregor also commended Irish-born boxers like McCormack and Taylor.

Forbes’ release of the list of the Highest-Paid Female Athletes of 2023 included prominent tennis stars like Iga Swiatek and Coco Grauff. McGregor shared his thoughts on the list, expressing a sentiment that women athletes deserve greater financial compensation.

In a statement, McGregor emphasized: “Women deserve to be paid more.”

Conor McGregor is a fervent advocate for Irish combatants joining the world of mixed martial arts. In addition, he has served as a valuable mentor and ally for emerging female competitors, both Irish and non-Irish. Notable instances include his support for former IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges and Shauna Bannon.

McGregor’s views on increasing pay for female athletes via X (formerly Twitter) elicited mixed reactions from fans. He has consistently shown support for female athletes, regardless of what fans have to say. However, his comments led to diverse speculations and discussions across online platforms.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“Stop it Conor. Women deserve to be paid what advertisers will pay for the amount of views they get. Fair and free market. Serena Williams doesn’t have a pay or viewership problem. Why? Because she is a great. She did it organically. Stop it. Women deserve what they get, as men do”

“Woman deserve to paid in the commercial model they support. If the viewing seats are empty…who pays the owner? If they are successful, that is great for all.”

“Maybe if more people watch it they will get more money

They get no money because no one wants to watch them”

The ongoing discourse regarding gender pay disparity in athletics continues to draw attention, prompting crucial discussions on equality and recognition for women in sports worldwide.