Mark Zuckerberg praised by Jiu-Jitsu Coach: “He’s amazing”

Meta CEO and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has been making headlines lately for his interest in combat sports. In particular, his recent win at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament has garnered attention a lot of attention from fans.

This interest in combat sports is not new for Zuckerberg. In fact, he has been spotted at UFC events over the years. Zuckerberg even had a private viewing of a UFC Apex event last fall.

Zuckerberg’s love for combat sports goes beyond just being a spectator. He has been diving headfirst into the world of combat, and his recent BJJ tournament win is proof of that. The recent pictures of Zuckerberg winning the BJJ competition and leaving with a gold medal recently went viral on Instagram.

In a recent interview with ESPN, coach Dave Camarillo spoke highly of Zuckerberg’s work ethic and dedication to BJJ. He praised Zuckerberg as one of the best students he has ever had. According to Camarillo, Zuckerberg has a good balance between his business and his physical training and excels in both areas.

He said: “He’s amazing. He is an extremely hard worker, as everybody knows.”

“But a lot of people have a business and they’re successful and they have that side of their life, and rarely do they dip into the physical side, especially with something like jiu-jitsu and MMA, and have the same amount of success or even go past Day 1 or Month 1. He’s not that kind of guy.”

“I think he has a good balance between what he does with his business and what he does in the physical realm. And he excels. He’s one of the best students I’ve ever had.”

Camarillo is considered one of the top minds in the BJJ community. He was the American Kickboxing Academy’s chief BJJ teacher when Daniel Cormier and other athletes worked out at the facility.

Zuckerberg’s growing interest in BJJ is something to watch out for in the future. He is expected to compete in more tournaments and has already gained the attention and praise of notable figures in the combat sports community. Even Joe Rogan praised him, and he holds a black belt in BJJ.