Mark Zuckerberg casts doubts on Elon Musk match: “Not holding my breath”

The much-discussed cage bout between tech giants Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg seems to have sparked interest and controversy alike. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed skepticism about the proposed cage match with Elon Musk.

Zuckerberg responded to Musk’s promises that their eagerly awaited clash would be live-streamed on X, previously known as Twitter. He wrote on the matter on his recently created social media network Threads.

Zuckerberg questioned Musk’s dedication to the planned matchup by saying: “I’m ready today. I suggested Aug 26 when he first challenged, but he hasn’t confirmed. Not holding my breath.”

Zuckerberg also raised concerns about the choice of platform for the live stream. He suggested that a more reliable platform needs to be utilized to guarantee the success of the fundraising for veterans’ organizations Musk has promised to do with the money from the match.

Taking a jab at his rival’s platform, Zuckerberg said: “Shouldn’t we use a more reliable platform that can actually raise money for charity?”

This current discussion comes after Musk recently tweeted that he was putting a lot of effort into his preparation for the match and that it will be aired on X.

Musk has been pushing for more video content on X ever since he rebranded Twitter. In fact, he even used the platform to launch a presidential candidate, emphasizing its potential as a powerful communication tool.

The idea of a cage match between the two billionaires first surfaced in June after Mark Zuckerberg’s impressive performance at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament, where he won a medal.

Zuckerberg has been seen training with UFC champions Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya. Meanwhile, Musk has been seen training with retired UFC legend Georges St-Pierre.

It is currently uncertain whether or not the match will take place.

Even though Zuckerberg expressed his skepticism, he wrote: “I love this sport and will continue competing with people who train no matter what happens here.”