Mark Hunt loses lawsuit against UFC for Brock Lesnar UFC 200 USADA exemption

Mark Hunt has been unsuccessful in his protracted legal battle with the UFC, Brock Lesnar, and Dana White.

The lawsuit stemmed from their encounter in 2016, when Hunt stepped into the ring against the former heavyweight champion at UFC 200. Brock Lesnar clinched a unanimous decision victory over Mark Hunt.

Following this victory, Lesnar hinted at a potential full-time return. However, this aspiration was abruptly halted due to a failed PED test held before the match.

It’s worth noting that Brock Lesnar’s participation in UFC 200 was made possible by a special USADA waiver. This waiver granted him permission to engage in the bout on short notice. This resulted in a testing period of only a few weeks, in contrast to the standard six-month window.

MMA fans know that this six-month testing requirement is a pivotal reason why Conor McGregor has refrained from re-entering the octagon.

In the subsequent year, Mark Hunt initiated a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar, Dana White, and the UFC. He accused them of racketeering, breach of contract, and more.

Essentially, Mark Hunt contended that the promotion was aware of Brock Lesnar’s use of PEDs but allowed him to compete. Initially dismissed, the case was later revived in 2021.

Recently, U.S. District Judge Jennifer A. Dorsey once again ruled in favor of the UFC and dismissed Mark Hunt’s lawsuit. The judge asserted that the heavyweight failed to substantiate his claims against Brock Lesnar and the others involved.

As of the latest update, Mark Hunt, Brock Lesnar, and Dana White have refrained from commenting on the lawsuit’s outcome. Furthermore, the UFC has maintained a conspicuous silence on the matter over the course of six-years.

For Mark Hunt, the clash with Brock Lesnar marked one of his final appearances in the UFC. He later accused the organization of ‘blackballing’ him from the MMA industry.

Hunt ultimately transitioned to boxing after his release in 2018. He secured a knockout victory over the undefeated Sonny Bill Williams in 2022, and announced his retirement after the match.

White was asked to comment on the matter after:

 “He’s a bit of a delusional guy. He’s going to have to pay some legal fees.”