Manny Pacquiao’s Dream of Olympic Boxing Return Bashed by an Obscure Rule

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially stated that former Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will not be permitted to participate in boxing at the Paris 2024 Games. Despite Pacquiao’s desire to compete at 45 years old, the IOC has upheld its age limit rule, disallowing the retired professional boxer from joining the prestigious tournament to be held at the Roland Garros tennis complex.

In a recent communication with Filipino Olympic authorities, the IOC reiterated that the age restriction of 40 years old for boxing competitors will remain unaltered. This decision comes following the IOC’s assumption of control over Olympic boxing operations from the International Boxing Association.

Initially, the age cap for Olympic boxing was raised from 34 to 40 in 2013, a modification that would have made Pacquiao eligible for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. However, Pacquiao opted out of the opportunity back then as he pursued a career in politics, running for a senatorial position in his homeland.

It remains uncertain whether Pacquiao intended to vie for a place at Paris 2024 through the forthcoming qualifying events slated to take place in Italy later this month and Thailand in May. Despite efforts by the Philippine Olympic Committee to secure a position for their esteemed boxer, Pacquiao’s Olympic aspirations have been quashed by the IOC’s strict age policy.

In conclusion, Manny Pacquiao’s hopes of participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics have been dashed due to age constraints set by the IOC, closing the door on a potential sporting comeback for the boxing icon.