Manny Pacquiao, 44, ready to come out of retirement at Olympics

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is contemplating a remarkable comeback to the boxing ring, a mere twenty-four months after hanging up his gloves and announcing his retirement.

The illustrious eight-weight world champion, bid farewell to his illustrious career shortly following his loss to Yordenis Ugas in August 2021.

The 44-year-old icon now nurtures ambitions of participating in boxing once again. He aims to proudly compete under the banner of his beloved nation at the highly anticipated 2024 Olympics set to unfold in the captivating city of Paris.

President of the Philippine Olympic Committee Abraham Tolentino excitedly shared, “Senator Pacquiao’s camp reached out saying our Filipino ring idol wants to fight in Paris.”

Discussions have already commenced between the Philippine Olympic Committee, the Association of Boxing Alliances, and the International Olympic Committee. They are holding talks over facilitating Pacquiao’s representation of the Philippines at the grand Paris event in 2024.

Nonetheless, challenges have emerged on this path to Olympic glory. Abraham Tolentino shed light on the situation, stating: “The Senator can no longer vie for qualification in the Asian Games in Hangzhou next month.”

This disappointing news stems from the age criteria set by the Asian Games, which enforces a stringent age limit of 40 years for all participating athletes. However, all is not lost. He still has two qualifying events next year to secure his spot in the competition.

News of Pacquiao’s potential participation in the upcoming Olympics has ignited a frenzy among boxing enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

A fervent boxing admirer said: “I doubt he medals but I can’t wait to see it.”

Another enthusiast chimed in by saying: “This would be pretty cool! & a hell of an accomplishment if he wins.”

Echoing the sentiment, another admirer stated: “Let’s get it, Mann. One more before riding into the sunset.”

Pacquiao’s retirement was marked by an emotionally charged interview, wherein he unveiled his aspirations to transition from a boxing legend to a political leader.

He said: “My boxing career is already over. It’s done because I’ve been in boxing for a long time and my family says that it is enough. I just continued [to box] because I’m passionate about this sport.”

Pacquiao went on to say: “I am a fighter, and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring. I am accepting your nomination as candidate for president of the Republic of the Philippines.”