Man jailed for dropping 20kg weight on another gym goer and claiming it was an ‘accident’

Shane William Ryan claimed what he did was an accident and not an unprovoked act of violence, but the CCTV footage tells a different story. Ryan and another gym user could be seen in the CCTV footage. They were in the Next Level Gym in Rosebery, a suburb outside Darwin in Australia.

While the victim was performing a bench press and lifting two dumbbells while lying flat on the back Ryan approached. Ryan was previously spotted while picking up a 20kg weight. He then walked towards the victim and dropped the weight directly on the victim’s face.

At this point the unfortunate gym goer started profusely bleeding from his head and would go on to be diagnosed with a fractured skull. Ryan feigned an ankle injury and walked away from the site of the ‘accident’ before returning with his phone to call an ambulance.
33 year old Ryan claimed it was an accident but he changed his tune during the Supreme court appearance last month.

The footage has been made public in the fall out of the court appearance.

Ryan received a 19 month prison sentence from Justice John Burns. Justice Burns said was “an extremely dangerous act” on a person “unable to protect himself”. and added (via newstalkzb ):
“At about 3.30am on (October 22, 2020), you and the victim attended the Next Level Gym in Rosebery,” Justice Burns said.

“At approximately 3.52am the victim was lying on his back on a flat bench conducting a dumbbells weight routine.

“You picked up a 20kg plate and walked towards the victim. The CCTV shows you lurching towards the victim and dropping the weight onto the victim’s head and chest area causing the victim to fall to the ground from the bench, bleeding from his head.

“You feigned an injury to your left ankle before you stood up and walked away before returning to the victim and then calling an ambulance.”

Victim said he will be needing ongoing medical treatment and was very disturbed by what transpired.

“You and the victim were previously amicable towards each other,” Justice Burns said in sentencing remarks.

“Indeed, you and he spoke in a friendly manner on 22 October 2020 before this incident.

“Undoubtedly, the emotional effect of this incident on the victim has been heightened by the fact that your attack upon him was without apparent motive and in circumstances where the two of you had previously had amicable relations.

“The act of dropping a 20kg weight onto the head of the victim was an extremely dangerous act. The victim was vulnerable as he was lying on his back and had weights in his hands. He was unable to protect himself.

“He also had no reason to believe that you would attack him as you did.”

Ryan was jailed for 19 months. He is not eligible for parole until November 24, 2022.