Logan Paul thankful to ‘exposed’ Dillon Danis as keyboard warrior

Logan Paul revisited his controversial boxing clash with Dillon Danis, shedding light on the aftermath and the disruptive actions that transpired during the lead-up to their bout.

In a significant bout at Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card last October, Logan Paul emerged victorious over Dillon Danis through disqualification. But the lead-up to this match was far from ordinary, marred by controversy ignited by Danis. He shared images featuring Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal with her previous partners.

Danis’ actions took a severe turn, leading Agdal to pursue legal action. She eventually ended up securing a restraining order against him.

Despite Danis’ bold provocations before the match, his performance in the ring failed to match up to his words. In a final desperate attempt, Danis resorted to an illegal guillotine choke on the WWE performer. However, this resulted in his disqualification during the concluding round.

In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Paul revisited the encounter with Danis. He criticised the latter for his disruptive and inappropriate behavior.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer expressed his sentiments, stating: “I got to take on an internet troll, an online coward and beat the sh*t out of him. I feel the internet has given people a lot of confidence in themselves and the freedom to really just say and do whatever they want online oftentimes without the repercussions.”

Paul further emphasized his satisfaction in exposing Danis in front of a global audience. He said: “The fact that I got to hand-pick one of these maggots and expose him in front of millions of people… was very satisfying.”

During an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast in October, Paul admitted: “I lied in the build-up when I said, ‘I didn’t regret choosing him as a partner.’ I’m eternally sorry… for Nina, I’ll spend the rest of my life apologizing if I have to, for putting her through that kind of torment. It’s just inhumane, what he [Dillon] did and she’ll hold him accountable but, this is my life I dragged her into this social media fight bullsh*t, she did not sign up for this.”