Logan Paul on Ronda Rousey shade: ‘I think I’ve proven my value’

Former YouTuber turned WWE star Logan Paul has recently addressed the remarks made by Ronda Rousey regarding his treatment within the organization. Rousey’s comments sparked controversy, with many interpreting them as a critique of the attention Paul receives from the WWE.

Since his induction into the WWE, Logan Paul has made waves and fulfilled the expectations set by the promotion. His tenure has been marked by memorable moments, from his collaboration with iShowSpeed at Wrestlemania 41 to his daring feats alongside on-screen rival Ricochet.

Former WWE superstar and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey raised eyebrows when she suggested that Paul’s success in wrestling stemmed from preferential treatment.

In an interview on Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Rousey remarked: “They’re rolling out the red carpet [for him]. It goes to show that if you give people the time to rehearse and the resources, you can do amazing things.”

In a recent appearance on Jake Paul’s BS podcast, Logan Paul addressed Rousey’s criticisms with tact and poise. Despite his on-screen persona, Paul chose to respond to Rousey’s comments with unexpected maturity.

Paul asserted: “I don’t think she’s a hater. I think she might be unhappy with how her run in the WWE went, but I don’t know anything really about that. All I know is how I work and the facilities and time that I’ve been given to make my matches as best as possible.”

“I think the WWE recognizes that when I put on a good match – which will happen every single time I perform – the outcome and the reaction of the fans is immense. I think I’ve proven my value both in and out of the ring, on the mic, wrestling. The impressions that I’m delivering the company are second to none.”

Paul’s composed response garnered praise from wrestling fans. One user remarked, “I’ve developed a huge amount of respect for Logan since he joined the WWE.”

“Love him or hate him he’s a fantastic athlete and entrepreneur, and this was a very mature response.”

Another fan stated: “Let’s call it how it is, she’s jealous of the fact that the wrestling fans who were more critical of the Logan signing than the Ronda signing have embraced Logan more than they ever embraced her.”