Logan Paul doubles down on wanting to compete in the UFC in the future

Logan Paul has become a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. He also entertains the idea of stepping into the octagon of the UFC.

Logan has only been with the business for two years. But within that time, he has already established a solid reputation and is well-known in the wrestling world.

Wrestling icon Triple H recently appeared on his podcast, where they discussed the UFC’s merger agreement with WWE.

With a background in wrestling dating back to his college days, it’s evident that Paul’s roots in grappling run deep. Additionally, he has competed in a few boxing matches.

In a recent episode of his podcast ‘Impaulsive’, Paul engaged in a conversation with Triple H. The two talked about the possibility of a crossover event between UFC and WWE.

Paul said: “I would do it, I would totally do it. For the right dance partner, I would love to do a UFC fight, and now that you guys are partners, I think, at the right time it could make a lot of sense.”

Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak was astounded by what Paul was stating. His curiosity got the better of him, and he inquired about Paul’s possible opponent in the UFC.

Later, Majlak even went so far as to mock Logan. He said that if McGregor was inebriated after a night of partying and Road House marketing, the YouTuber-Wrestler might defeat him.

It seems like Logan’s old adversary Dillon Danis has challenged him to an MMA match after Paul made it clear that he wanted to compete in the UFC.

Danis posted on X: “I will agree to settle the lawsuit and meet their demands if Logan Paul agrees to sign a contract for an MMA fight with me.”

Logan Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal sued Danis for “revenge p*rn” in 2023 due to the latter’s actions prior to his boxing match with Paul.

Danis seems to be very motivated to make this MMA match happen since he has been attempting to get revenge on Paul ever since the YouTuber-Wrestler beat him in October of 2023.