Logan Paul delivers video apology to fiancée Nina Agdal over Dillon Danis treatment

Logan Paul recently apologized for upsetting his fiancée Nina Agdal with the Dillon Danis altercation.

Last Saturday’s co-main event of Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card saw Paul defeat Danis by way of disqualification.

Danis previously stirred up controversy by making private images and videos of Agdal available to the public, so the buildup to the match was anything but usual. The Danish model took legal action and got a restraining order against Danis as his aggressive conduct worsened.

In a recent episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul openly expressed remorse for the distress caused to his fiancée due to the tumultuous events surrounding the Dillon Danis matchup.

He candidly admitted, “I lied in the build-up when I said, ‘I didn’t regret choosing him as a partner.’ I’m eternally sorry… for Nina, I’ll spend the rest of my life apologizing if I have to, for putting her through that kind of torment. It’s just inhumane, what he [Dillon] did and she’ll hold him accountable but, this is my life I dragged her into this social media fight bullsh*t, she did not sign up for this.”

During the match, Logan Paul maintained an aggressive pace. As the bout reached its climax, Paul seemed poised for a unanimous decision victory. But an unexpected turn of events occurred when Danis attempted a guillotine choke, leading to his disqualification.

Despite his lack of boxing expertise, Dillon Danis remains resolute in his pursuit of Logan Paul on social media. The BJJ grappler downplayed Paul’s boxing skills and challenged him for a rematch, this time in the realm of MMA.

He boldly stated, “A Jiu Jitsu guy with no boxing camp or coach made his debut, never wobbled, never dropped, had no standing 8 counts, and rocked you multiple times. If I were Nina, I’d call off the wedding. You achieved nothing in your own sport, MMA next.”

Danis pointed out, “What did you prove? You didn’t even tickle me. You backed out of an MMA fight against me. Everyone knew I’m not a boxer, but unlike others, I took on the challenge even with everything in your favor: weight, steroids, rounds,rules, judges, referees… the list goes on. I won the War.”

While Danis has been explicit about his desire to face Paul in an MMA bout, there has been no response from Logan Paul as of yet.