Logan Paul confronts Jake for not helping to promote his Dillon Danis boxing match

In a recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan and Jake Paul found themselves in a heated disagreement regarding the inadequate promotion surrounding the forthcoming Misfits Boxing card.

Saturday night witnessed triumph for both Paul brothers. Logan secured a victory against Ricochet at WWE’s Summerslam event in Detroit Field. Immediately afterwards, he embarked on a 1000-mile journey to Dallas to witness his younger sibling Jake Paul make a successful comeback against Nate Diaz.

Jake emerged victorious through a unanimous decision and talked about his win in an extensive 71-minute episode released on Tuesday.

However, tension began to brew between the two brothers. The central issue at hand was Logan’s dissatisfaction with the lack of promotional efforts for his bout against Dillon Danis. Both Most Valuable Promotions and DAZN (the organization and streaming services airing the event) have not been adequately promoting the match.

Logan is set to return to the ring on October 14 in Manchester, a significant event billed as ‘the Prime Card.’ This event prominently features his business partner KSI who is set to face off against Tommy Fury in the main event.

Additionally, Logan was upset that he was unable to promote Prime during his brother’s last match and brought it up in front of his brother.

Expressing his frustration, Logan commented: “That’s f**king ridiculous bro. Do you think I would ever ban you from promoting any of your s**t at any of my events”

Jake retaliated by saying: “It caused issues at our last event when we had other betting partners and drink partners, and you came out with the betting (hat) and the drinks.”

Logan went on to ask: “Is it illegal to wear what I’m wearing?”

Jake then shifted the blame on the brands by saying “you just don’t want to accept the reality.”

Logan proceeded to involve Jake’s manager in the dispute, calling attention to what he perceived as double standards. He pointed out: “DAZN, who by the way on the Misfits card, KSI’s event, promoted the f*** out of your fight against Nate Diaz, DAZN was not allowed to promote the Prime card.”

“That’s ridiculous. Whose ask was that? It was Nakisa’s dude, Nakisa’s on your team, he’s not on team Paul. He’s on team Jake. And we’re a family, and he knows that.”

Jake then went on to ask why he would promote KSI’s event. Logan pointed out, “But why would I want to promote KSI’s event?”

Jake then claimed that his opponent had not been announced. However, Logan emphasized that his presence on the card had indeed been confirmed. He said: “Because I’m on it! I’m on the undercard.”

Throughout the podcast, the brothers engaged in a series of arguments an delved into various topics. Additionally, they teased potential future matches – including Jake’s potential bout against Floyd Mayweather and Logan’s potential match against Tommy Fury.