Logan Paul brags about getting Dillon Danis fired due to boxing match DQ

On his return to WWE Raw, Logan Paul took a shot at Dillon Danis. Logan alleged that he was responsible for getting the former MMA combatant fired because of his victory over him on the Prime program.

The animosity between the Paul brothers and MMA star Dillon Danis has been there for years. Despite Logan’s victory in a boxing match, the tension remains palpable.

When the two faced off on October 14, Danis had vowed to defeat the YouTuber-turned-professional wrestler. However, Danis’ performance fell flat. He scarcely threw a punch, and the bout concluded under peculiar circumstances.

Danis urged Logan to wrestle with him in the boxing ring and then instigated a brawl after the final bell. Danis contested the verdict that awarded Logan the win, citing a premature intrusion by a security guard.

Paul stated against the appeal and insulted Danis by saying: “Embarrassing & desperate. What’s the appeal? He tried to take me down, failed. He tried to choke me out, failed. He didn’t even try to fight back, he just took his a*s beating like a b*tch.”

He went on to add: “Dude really thinks he can handle everything online. He should just accept the loss like a man & move on with his pathetic life.”

On October 23, Logan made a return to WWE’s Monday Night Raw and talked about his recent victory. Though he refrained from naming Danis directly, he made a pointed reference to “my opponent.”

Logan’s taunt was clear as he said: “That fool that I beat in my boxing fight last week embarrassed himself so badly that he got dropped from his fight league. Dropped. So that means, not only did I make him lose the fight, I made him lose his job. Oof. Unemployed, unhappy, unfulfilled, sucks to be that guy.”

Danis has emphasized that he’s far from finished with either Logan or his fiancée, Nina Adgal. Despite settlement offers, he remains embroiled in a legal battle with Nina.

As the lawsuit gains momentum, it’s likely that exchanges between the parties will become more protracted. The feud shows no signs of ending anytime soon.