Logan and Jake Paul want a 2v2 event against Andrew and Tristan Tate in Romania

Online celebrity brothers Logan Paul and Jake Paul have discussed their opinions on the notion of a ‘Pauls vs. Tates’ match.

The pair was present on the most recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul. This is where the suggestion that they take on controversial influencers Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate popped up.

During the candid conversation, Logan Paul acknowledged Andrew Tate’s impressive combat sports background. But he didn’t hesitate to cast an insulting remark towards Tristan Tate, labeling him as the ‘weak link’ in the potential showdown.

Paul further expressed his disbelief in Andrew Tate’s notion that they could outmatch the Paul brothers in a bout, dismissing it as sheer delusion.

He said: “That’s delusion. I’m sorry. Andrew, fighter, legitimate bada** motherf**ker, strong mentality. I’m sorry, Tristan Tate is the weak link. He got a bad shoulder, h’es shaped like the Gingerbread man… I don’t want no beef but that’s delusion.”

Jake Paul then joined the conversation by suggesting that the Professional Fighters League could orchestrate this event. He proposed a whopping $10 million payout for each of the four competitors involved.

He said: “The PFL will set this up. $10 million for everybody. Let’s do it.”

Both Logan and Jake Paul have established their reputation for organizing high-profile celebrity matchups. Thus, a proposed encounter against the Tate brothers appears to align seamlessly with their penchant for headline-grabbing events. The potential showdown promises global attention and interest, drawing eyes from various corners of the world.

Notably, Jake Paul’s recent foray into professional boxing was witnessed on December 15 at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Florida. He competed in the event against professional boxer Andre August.

The match showcased Paul’s dominance as he swiftly dispatched his opponent with an uppercut in the opening round. This marked his eighth win as a professional combatant. Presently, Paul boasts an impressive record of 8 wins and 1 loss.