Liver King Talks Ab Implants on Full Send Podcast: “They Are Like $10K Each. I’m Rocking $100K Worth”

Famous influencer Brian Johnson, famously known as ‘Liver King’, talked about his shredded body. He joked that his muscles are implants and they are worth $100,000.

Liver King has become more and more famous in 2022. The 45-year-old gained attention with his unique and extreme lifesteal. He believes in nine ancestral tenets and lives his life in accordance with it. He shared most of his daily activities on social media and his most unique behavior is eating raw meats everyday.

Liver King is also known for his big and shredded body. With his unique lifestyle that focuses on nature things, many people wondered if he uses any PEDs. Of course, he always denied using PEDs. In many famous podcasts, Liver King said that he never touched those things.

During his appearance on Full Send Podcast several months ago, Liver King was asked about the authenticity of his muscles. He answered while joking that his muscles are implants.

“These are implants. These are implants. A lot of people are like ‘hey you’re fuc**ng shredded.’ All you have to do is go get implants. They are like $10K each. I’m rocking $100K worth. They don’t move. They don’t fuc**ng move.” He said.

Following the joke, he continued to explain that his muscles are real and natural. He also shared how much hard work he has done to gain his body.

“It’s 35 years of hard fuc**ng work every day. Never taking Christmas Off. Liver King explained. Today is Sunday, Sunday is rest day. I work out 14 times a week. Normally, it’s two a day. So here’s the thing, I get up just after the sun is getting up. Around 6:30ish, I get off my wooden plank bed. I sleep on fuc**ng wooden planks, right on the fuc**ng ground. I’ll tell you why. Why do people sleep in this thing? Number one, comfort is not good for the organism.” He added.

Sadly, all of that might be a made up story. Liver King recently got exposed that he has been using PED to achieve his body. Derek of More Plates More dates recently did an hour long video on leaked emails, showing that Liver King’s PED routine.