KSW 70: Pudzianowski floors opponent with uppercut lands a hammerfist before ref manages to call

Former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski earned a huge victory last night at KSW 70. Pudzianowski was pitted against former KSW middleweight champion Michał Materla. Prior to the clash he guested on the MMA Hour and explained Materla stands to lose more than he does.

“Michal has more to lose than me,” Pudzianowski said on The MMA Hour. “Michal has to win and I only have to go there and have fun and I have to show a good fight and show people what I’m capable of. But Michal has to win this fight.”

KSW isn’t too shy to pay handsomely either.

“I never thought to work for other organizations, but for years I had a lot of propositions from a lot of other companies,” Pudzianowski said. “But there are not a lot of organizations that can pay me the amount of money I want, but KSW does it. So there’s no discussion, I’m really good with KSW.”

Materla was substantially younger at 38 compared to Pudzianowski’s 45.

To make matters worse after that gruesome uppercut Pudzianowski landed an absolute hammer from the top making sure that the medical team has to intervene.

There were previously rumors of Pudzianowski as a potential boxing opponent for Thor Bjornsson or Martyn Ford. After this performance, it’s safe to say Pudzianowski can box.

Previously he guested on the MMA Hour and discussed his diet or lack there of.