KSI says he’s going to slap Jake Paul and Dillon Danis if he sees them in person

In a recent video posted online, popular YouTuber and rapper KSI made some bold claims about his relationships with fellow internet personalities Jake Paul and Dillon Danis. Despite often being considered part of the same social circles, KSI stated he has real beef with both Paul and Danis.

“People talk s*it about me all the time. Sidemen, they go in on me all the time,” KSI said, referring to his group of close YouTube friends known as the Sidemen. “Oh, but that’s your boys, bro. You really don’t have beef with any… Actually, you do, but… I beef with Jake.”

He then doubled down on his animosity, directly calling out Dillon Danis as well. “Dillon Danis. If I ever saw him, I’d slap him. Say it with Jake.”

The origins of KSI’s issues with Jake Paul and Dillon Danis are unclear, but the three have traded verbal jabs over social media for years relating to their respective YouTube channels, music careers, and involvement in celebrity boxing matches.

Danis famously came close to boxing KSI prior to dropping out of their contest because nobody would train him.

Dillon Danis, scheduled to face KSI at Misfits 004 in January, withdrew from theevent fight just ten days before the event.

In a lie detector test, Danis denied pulling out due to fear and expressed no regret for not taking the fight, stating that KSI was insignificant to him and the matchup was not compelling.

Danis criticized KSI, referring to him as a “nobody” and a “loser,” stating that beating him would have brought no value to him. He highlighted the lack of a storyline between them compared to his history with the Paul brothers.

The intense feud between Jake Paul and KSI started in the early days of YouTube boxing, following KSI’s fights against Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, in 2018 and 2019.

Jake Paul’s desire to avenge his brother Logan’s loss to KSI has fueled his animosity towards KSI. Logan’s emotional response to his defeat further motivated Jake to seek redemption through a fight against KSI.

Jake Paul has publicly criticized KSI, calling him a “nobody” and questioning his credibility as a fighter. He has also expressed disdain for KSI’s previous opponents and questioned KSI’s abilities in the ring.

The feud between Jake Paul and KSI has played out extensively on social media, with both taking shots at each other and engaging in verbal sparring. Their public exchanges have contributed to the intensity of their rivalry.

KSI has openly expressed his dislike for Jake Paul, citing ego and personality differences as reasons for their animosity. He has criticized Jake’s character and accomplishments, asserting his superiority in various endeavors.