KSI reveals Danis offered $100,000 to postpone boxing match

Youtuber KSI was set to face Dillon Danis on the 14th before Danis pulled out. Because of this pullout, KSI will now be facing another Youtuber, Faze Temper. 

KSI expressed his frustration and anger regarding this incident.

He recently revealed that Danis’s team approached him to ask to postpone to event by 6 months. He said they also offered $100k for the date change to account for any damages that Misfit would have to face.

In a Youtube Video, KSI read out a message that he claimed was sent by Danis’s team. He read:  

‘Dillon wants to propose postponing the fight for six months as your rights under the contract and he would be willing to sign something assessing liquidated damages of $100,000 to Misfits in the event he doesn’t show up’. 

KSI added a feat of anger and disturbance by saying:  

“That’s what his team sent. Danis still thinks he has a chance to fight me six months down the line. Go f*** yourself. Go f*** yourself, f*** yourself. You are a pointless stain on this earth. F*** yourself, get f***ed you twat, you d***head, everyone now knows what you are: B**** made.”

He continued: “You will never get this opportunity again, now off you go and f*** off. It is done. Never again.” 

In a recent social media post, Danis claimed the reports of him being underprepared were fake. He added that the truth is something different and that it will stun everybody. 

Danis is yet to publicly address the situation and the hate he is receiving. He is currently being voted on as the most hated athlete of the year.

On the Misfits Youtube channel, Mams Taylor posted a video regarding this incident. Taylor talked about the excuses he made but also showed sympathy for him. He said:

“Obviously, he’s got some other issues, it’s very sad and unfortunate because he didn’t reciprocate the respect that we’ve given him and no word from him.” He added:

He’s clearly embarrassed that he’s in this position and who knows what he’s going to come out with and say, but I’m disappointed.”

Ariel Helwani went on to gloat about the incident couple days back shining a spotlight on some dubious responses from Danis including that he has no coach or a gym to train for the event.