KSI regrets picking Dillon Danis over Tyron Woodley

Internet celebrity ‘KSI’ has quickly moved on from his canceled bout against Dillon Danis. KSI is eyeing a boxing bout against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley sometime in future.

Olajide Olatunji aka KSI is one of the most famous influencers from the UK. He made his name through Youtube and now takes part in boxing. He had several exhibition matches and one professional match against fellow influencer Logan Paul.

He was previously booked to face controversial mixed martial arts Dillon Danis, who is mostly known as Conor McGregor’s partner in crime. However, Danis pulled out from the match with 10 days to go.

KSI didn’t give up and is still planning to perform on January 14. He will be competing against Faze Temper – another youtuber.

But KSI admitted he made the wrong choice after Woodley won the poll on his social media.

“I should’ve just picked Woodley at the start. That’s what we were going to do. We were training for Woodley … We were thinking Dillon Danis would be more entertaining.” KSI said.

Previously, Tyron Woodley tried to have a boxing match against KSI. He called out KSI on Twitter and even started an online conflict. But nothing came of it.

Tyron Woodley retired in 2021 after suffering 4 consecutive losses in the UFC.

Since then, ‘The Chosen One’ has shown great interest to compete in boxing matches. He has competed 2 times against Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul and lost both matches. But, Woodley doesn’t seem to mind his losses.

Woodley was also supposed to box UFC veteran Dan Hardy at one point but that too fell apart.