Kid from VIRAL Conor McGregor press conference grows up to pull off submission win

Nate Kelly is an ardent fan of Conor McGregor. He marked his noteworthy entry into the PFL with a stellar debut victory.

When Jose Aldo was set to take on Conor McGregor at the UFC Presser, the Irish audience let it all out.

A young boy named Nate Kelly boldly spoke to UFC CEO Dana White at the press conference. He said that White would put the UFC belt around his waist and that he would become a pro in mixed martial arts. Kelly rcently made his debut on PFL and won his first game.


Conor McGregor’s profound influence on the landscape of Irish MMA resonates in the journey of Nate Kelly. Kelly started his amateur journey in PFL and made his debut in Dublin, Ireland. He ended up getting a win over Callum Seaton via an anaconda choke in the second round.

This victory reignited the public’s fascination, drawing attention back to his iconic 2015 press conference moment.

Transitioning from a spirited young kid to a poised MMA contender, Nate Kelly has honed his skills at SBG Ireland. This is Conor McGregor’s gym. Kelly is just 19 years old With a record of 2 wins and 2 losses in amateur MMA. HIs recent win in PFL indicates a promising trajectory towards his aspirations.

Nate Kelly’s commendable accolades include victories in various kickboxing championships and Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. The resurgence of his viral UFC press conference clip shows his growing star power, potentially catalyzing the success of his career.


At the 2015 UFC Press Conference, Nate Kelly was present. He was merely a young boy from Ireland, projected a compelling vision to Dana White.

Kelly said: “Dana, I’m gonna be the new breed of the UFC… I’ll guarantee that you’re going to be strapping that gold belt around my waist.”

Fast forward to 2023, Nate Kelly has now won his second match during his amateur career under the PFL banner. Kelly has his whole career ahead of him at the young age of 19.

He can fulfill the promise he made to Dana White when he was younger if he keeps working hard. For Kelly, it would be a moment of his dreams coming true.