Khabib punishes trainees that come in tired by taking their phone away until the next session

There have been different stories going around about different disciplinary measures in Khabib’s camp. Infamous Dagestani champion just announced he would be withdrawing from the MMA community even though insiders from his camp claim he’ll still be involved but won’t be traveling as much to be able to spend time with his family.

A video previously went viral showcasing a spanking trainees receive on Khabib’s camp if they don’t maintain a military style haircut.

Now Belal Muhammed has shared what it was like to spend time in the Nurmagomedov camp and talked a little bit about the infamous disciplinary measures Nurmagomedov uses to maintain discipline.

“I think, is a different type of mentality that a lot of gyms don’t have of being more disciplined. And I think that comes from being Muslim. I think a lot of it comes from that is it just being religious.”

“You’re bringing a different type of discipline where you have to pray five times a day and every single one of the guys is doing that. None of their guys are drinking. None of the guys are going out and parting. ”

“If there’s guys that come to practice and they look a little bit tired, could be able to take their phone away from them and he won’t give it to them until the next day tomorrow morning. So he’ll take their phone at night, 9 p.m. and then you have to go to sleep, get a good night sleep.”

“And then next practice he’ll give your phone back because you’re probably on your phone on night playing games or something stupid. And he like he pays attention to those things. And the fact that he wants you to win that bad because he doesn’t need to be there, he doesn’t need to give you the knowledge. “

“He doesn’t need to care that much about you if you don’t care about yourself. But it just shows you like how much a great person he is to and it just makes you want to work that much harder for him.”

Nurmagomedov previously shared how lack of modern life’s appliances serves to root out the soft members from his gym.

“Some guys came and saw that we had no TVs, for example. The guy keeps going and asks: “Do you have Wi-Fi?” Oh, there’s no Wi-Fi here… What about showers?” I tell him we bathe in the spring. “Is there a washing machine?” No, we wash our own clothes.
He takes a look at the surroundings and quickly leaves.”

“My father would notice that guys like that came and went. He’d always say: “If we lose him, we’re not losing anything. Guys eliminated themselves.”

However, those that persevered have had to cultivate a razor-sharp focus.

“Then, there are guys that I’ve known for over a decade – we always had genuine, brotherly relations. We talk to each other even when we’re not training together. It’s amazing to see where we came from now that we’re surrounded by cameras in Moscow.”

“This has to be very motivational for budding athletes. They have to know what the keys are and that focus is the main key. You can’t veer off the path towards your goal. There will be obstacles on the way, such as injuries and finances – but if you keep going, you’ll reach success.”

“Even if you don’t become a champion, you’ll have people close to you with whom you’ll be close friends.”