Khabib reveals secret to hard core camp – sleeping on the floor, washing your own clothes & no TV or Wifi

Without sacrifice, achieving anything is impossible. And Khabib Nurmagomedov is all too aware of it given the difficult training circumstances he had to endure to become the champion he is today.

“We had guys on our team that didn’t last very long. For example, we had a training camp in the mountains. We didn’t have the greatest conditions there; we slept on the floor and trained outside. We ran on stones up the mountains, old school style.”

“Some guys came and saw that we had no TVs, for example. The guy keeps going and asks: “Do you have Wi-Fi?” Oh, there’s no Wi-Fi here… What about showers?” I tell him we bathe in the spring. “Is there a washing machine?” No, we wash our own clothes.
He takes a look at the surroundings and quickly leaves.”

“My father would notice that guys like that came and went. He’d always say: “If we lose him, we’re not losing anything. Guys eliminated themselves.”

However, those that persevered have had to cultivate a razor-sharp focus.

“Then, there are guys that I’ve known for over a decade – we always had genuine, brotherly relations. We talk to each other even when we’re not training together. It’s amazing to see where we came from now that we’re surrounded by cameras in Moscow.”

“This has to be very motivational for budding athletes. They have to know what the keys are and that focus is the main key. You can’t veer off the path towards your goal. There will be obstacles on the way, such as injuries and finances – but if you keep going, you’ll reach success.”

“Even if you don’t become a champion, you’ll have people close to you with whom you’ll be close friends.”

Khabib recently opened up about raising kids and how different the upbringing is if you provide everything for them:

“Most of the people, they live in poor life. I think this way when you live for life. What do you mean you have motivation. You have the way you have to come out, you know, and you have to be hungry, you know?”

“Here in Dubai, everybody happy, everybody lucky, everybody rich, you know, everybody have good cappuccino every morning. You don’t need to do nothing, you know? ”

“You know, sometimes you love your kid. You you give him everything and he grow up like. Like, I don’t know, like vegetable. Yeah. It’s like you put here, you stay here, you for days. Like, you know, you have to you you have to teach him how to live, you know?”