Khabib trolls Conor McGregor all while using his famous phrase against him

Khabib Nurmagomedov might not have perfect English but he’s proven as a charismatic individual in MMA.

Nurmagomedov recently gave a lengthy talk during which he covered a variety of topics – some of which were unrelated to MMA.

But while Nurmagomedov is at peace with his retirement, he’s still not quite done subtweeting McGregor.

He said,

“Right now we have the current UFC and Bellator lightweight champions. This is amazing, this is amazing.. I hear a long time ago when one guy was talking about being here to taker over but we are here to take over.”

“You know what is interesting, a coach not a lot of people, I coach people who are around me when i was an active fighter. This is 12 or 15 guys and we have 13 people combined in MMA have won almost 300 fights and this is crazy. Nobody has done this in MMA before, it has never happened before and I am happy because it was my father’s hard work.”

This of course is an infamous call back to a vintage Conor McGregor catchphrase “here to take over”.

After defeating Diego Brandao in the first round and leading his Irish teammates to victory in Dublin, McGregor made his declaration in 2014.

In response to his victory, he said:

“He would have to be something special to come over here in my hometown and take this away form me. There is not a man alive who can come on this soil and beat me.”

“My teammates went 3-0 tonight… I fed off of that. It was a clean sweep for the Irish. I said it last year, we’re not here just to take part, we’re here to take over.”

Although McGregor went on to win the lightweight and featherweight titles, he has only been successful in one of his past four cage confrontations. And in fact his last win over an athlete that’s still active in UFC was against Dustin Poirier.

His four losses include his loss against Nurmagomedov in 2017. Khabib stopped McGregor in the fourth round to defend his 155-pound championship before retiring two years later unbeaten. Since then, Khabib has transitioned seamlessly into coaching.

Last month, his mate Islam Makhachev won the lightweight championship. Khabib cornered Makhachev to victory against Charles Oliveira.

Then, when Nurmagomedov saw his cousin Usman win the lightweight title in Bellator over the weekend, Conor McGregor’s catchphrase sprang to mind.

Immediately after, McGregor retaliated at Nurmagomedov on social media. He wrote

: “I fight on! Your fathers plan is never complete because you quit and ran, brother. God bless. I’m still here if you want to go again. But your fear of defeat means you’ve already lost. Run from it all you want. We all lose in the end. Death takes us all. I fear nothing but God.”