Khabib Hilariously Shuts Down Podcaster Who Asks Him About Temptation

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been very disciplined in his professional MMA career. In addition to this Nurmagomedov is also a devout Muslim. He is infamously orthodox and old fashioned. He has also been married since the time he turned 18.

His background was the subject of mockery among his past opponents- most notably Conor McGregor. But for his friends and fans his discipline seems unshakeable. This kind of attitude spawned a variety of Khabib memes.

Recently Nurmagomedov guested on the Full send podcast. Full send podcast is the podcast featuring the infamous Nelk boys. The show has the same name as the group’s merch brand — will be hosted by a rotating cast that includes Nelk members Kyle Forgeard, SteveWillDoIt, and Salim, as well as comedian Bob Menery. SteveWillDoIt was previously spotted enjoying a UFC event.

Dana White recently announced that the Nelk boys will be signing a UFC fighter to the Fullsend brand.


“Like you’re all about your values I guess and you stick to that so like I’m interested to know like was there any type of like temptation when you got really famous and there’s people in your ear to like stray away from your values and like?”

“I don’t know good question I don’t understand question.”