Kazakh Titan trolls the Iranian Hulk with video of himself punching a 370lbs dummy

Almat Bakhytovich aka Kazakh Titan called out the Iranian Hulk following the cancelation of his bout against Ford back in April. Bakhytovich also uploaded a video of him punching a doll with Iranian Hulk’s face on it.

One of the most anticipated celebrity boxing match ups of 2022 was a bout between two giants Martyn Ford and Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi. Their match should’ve been held in April, but was canceled once Martyn Ford pulled out.

Despite playing a part in the Boxstar Uk event cancellation, The Iranian Hulk still has plenty of opponents calling him out.

An influencer from Kazakhstan named Almat Bakhytovich showed interest to face off with Gharibi once again.

Bakhytovich has been calling out Gharibi for years through his social media. He claims to be a master in MMA and possesses a great skill set in Sambo. He also claims to possess incredible strength, being able to bench press 150kg and deadlift 300kg.

Recently, Bakhytovich uploaded a video of him punching and throwing a doll with Gharibi’s face attached on it.

“Sajad, I am waiting for a contract. I am a master at MMA and master at combat sambo. Let’s fight Sajad, let’s fight. Not you Hulk, you Sajad. Let’s fight.” Bakhytovich said in the video.

In the previous call out, Bakhytovich did a similar act by bursting a ‘hot water bottle’ with Gharibi’s face on it.

Little is known about him since he isn’t that popular outside of Kazakhstan. Compared to Gharibi who has a million followers, Bakhytovich only has around 22,000 followers. Gharibi also hasn’t responded to the call out yet.