Jose Aldo confirms that Conor McGregor left red panties on his door after UFC 200

Jose Aldo was just inducted into the UFC Hall of fame but for many fans his loss to Conor McGregor was a career defining moment.

Aldo was a featherweight champion for a number of years – until he suffered a defeat to McGregor. It can be argued that McGregor stirred a lot of publicity for the event, much of it was quite controversial with the Irishman at one point proclaiming in the past he would’ve stormed Aldo’s favela with a sword.

 Despite the fact the rematch was never on the table, rivalry didn’t end there. A while back Aldo talked a bit about McGregor prank calling him:

Aldo said:

“He’s a good person because he does understand the other side. He understands the other person. But he’s a guy with a vision.”

Concluding, Aldo spoke about what happened six years ago at UFC 196:

“It was his merit. I was going in, like it or not he has more reach than me, he had thrown a 1-2 already that I dodged and answered very quickly and he got spooked. And I said, ‘Now it’s time to go in, Mike Tyson style brother’. When I went in, straight away, everything was spinning.”

Now Aldo added another chapter to their relationship and confirmed the two are friendly nowadays and even shared a peculiar anecdote about the Irishman gifting him some red lingerie.

Aldo retired earlier last year after the birth of his second child.

In interview to @flowpdc he confirmed that he is making a boxing debut in February 10th against a Pro Boxer from Argentina. He is looking to face professionals. Not Youtubers and Influencers.

Aldo still has one bout on his UFC contract and as such cannot do MMA. Aldo’s boxing debut will be streamed on UFC’s streaming service in Feburay.