Jose Aldo reveals McGregor would call his private plane plastered and make threats

Jose Aldo is definitely one of the greatest MMA pros that have come out of Brazil. But Aldo’s legacy suffered greatly in that 12 second knock out he suffered from Conor McGregor at his peak.

Aldo would never receive a rematch and McGregor would move on to bigger better things becoming the first ever two division champion in UFC despite never having defended his featherweight belt.

In a new clip Jose aldo explained how far the psychological games between the two went.

Aldo said:

“He’s a good person because he does understand the other side. He understands the other person. But he’s a guy with a vision.”

Concluding, Aldo spoke about what happened six years ago at UFC 196:

“It was his merit. I was going in, like it or not he has more reach than me, he had thrown a 1-2 already that I dodged and answered very quickly and he got spooked. And I said, ‘Now it’s time to go in, Mike Tyson style brother’. When I went in, straight away, everything was spinning.”

Following his iconic victory, McGregor apologized to Aldo. Conor McGregor has made various foes during his professional career. However, Aldo is one of the rare people to get an actual apology from McGregor.

“Sorry, bro. We’ll go again. We’ll go again.”

McGregor said in the octagon. He also believes that Aldo doesn’t deserve a loss like that. McGregor added,

“Honestly, I feel for Jose. He was a phenomenal champion. We deserve longer.”

Following that match, their bitter rivalry is no more. Nowadays, both have respect for each other. When Aldo won back the title six months later, he revealed McGregor sent him a “gift.”

“(McGregor and I) were staying at the same hotel, side by side. He saw me, and even sent a gift congratulating me for the belt I had just won.”

Aldo said during his appearance on the Trocacao Franca podcast.

McGregor is still a fan of Aldo. As much he can be a fan of anyone.