Jorge Masvidal would prefer son not follow him into combat sports, yet delighted he’s training

Jorge Masvidal’s journey in the UFC has left a lasting impact on the sport. Even after his retirement from professional competition, he continues to make waves as a combat sports promoter.

Jorge Masvidal’s career in the UFC was nothing short of remarkable. Despite his achievements, Masvidal decided to step away from the sport after facing four consecutive losses. Nevertheless, he didn’t completely shut the door on the possibility of a comeback if an exciting opportunity were to arise in the future.

In a recent interview, the 38-year-old candidly expressed his concern about financial stability post-retirement. This concern was amplified by the fact that he has the responsibility of taking care of his three children. Masvidal has two daughters and a son from his previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Iman Kava.

During an episode of ‘The George Janko Show,’ Masvidal opened up about his aspirations for his children. His primary wish is that his kids avoid following in his footsteps of pursuing careers in combat sports.

The reason behind this desire lies in the challenges and hardships that come with the profession, as well as the potential isolation of being different from others.

Masvidal envisions a different path for his children—one that involves getting involved in business and leading fulfilling lives outside the Octagon. However, it appears that his eight-year-old son is already showing a keen interest in the world of combat sports.

His son has been persistently asking Masvidal to allow him to train in kickboxing and boxing.

Masavidal stated: “I’ve had him training now for three weeks to stand up because he’s been asking me ‘I want to do kickboxing, I want to do boxing.’ He’s been asking me for some time and I’m like literally for a year, he was asking me, I was like ‘All right bro you want it that bad’ so I set him up with my coach.”

“My coach is teaching him like three times a week. This dude looks like he’s been doing it for a f***ing year or two… When he’s there I could almost like f***ing ball up in tears sometimes of happiness. Like bro this is crazy. What was given to me is immediately bestowed on this little f***er.”