Jorge Masvidal suggests it would take an infinite number of women to defeat him in MMA

In a recent episode of ‘The Kim Congdon Takeover’ podcast, retired UFC icon Jorge Masvidal made headlines with a daring statement. He pondered the number of women it would take to defeat him in a match. During this engaging conversation, the topics ranged from Donald Trump to Colby Covington, sugar daddies, and various other amusing subjects.

Kimberly Congdon is a talented comedian and actress, who welcomed Jorge Masvidal as the first guest on her new podcast. She posed an intriguing question to Jorge, asking: “How many women do you think it would take for you to lose a fight?”

In response, Masvidal quipped: “If the girls don’t know what they’re doing the number could be infinite.”

To illustrate his point, Jorge referred to Amanda Nunes. She is a former UFC women’s featherweight champion and a two-time UFC women’s bantamweight champion.

With an impressive record of 28 professional matches, Amanda has suffered only three losses. Masvidal hailed her as the “greatest women fighter that has ever lived.”

Having trained alongside Nunes in the past, Jorge vividly described how she would dominate her sparring partners. However, he argued that if a male UFC competitor (even one with a modest 2-2 record) were to unleash his full potential, he could overpower female opponents.

The 38-year-old emphasized the substantial gap in speed, power, and explosiveness between male and female competitors. Moreover, he contended that male combatants could endure punishment on par with that endured by most female competitors.

Jorge Masvidal has a professional record of 35 wins and 17 losses. He retired following a series of challenging bouts against formidable opponents like Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, and Gilbert Burns.

While Jorge Masvidal contemplates a potential UFC comeback, he has a specific condition in mind. He aspires to compete for the BMF belt, currently held by Justin Gaethje.

Gaethje won the BMF championship with a spectacular second-round head kick knockout victory over Dustin Poirier in the UFC 291 main event.

Masvidal was the first BMF champion and was present at the event. He had the privilege of bestowing the belt upon Justin Gaethje.

Following Gaethje’s remarkable triumph, many anticipated that he would defend the BMF title against the winner of the Islam Makhachev vs. Charles Oliveira rematch for the lightweight title.

Nevertheless, Jorge Masvidal has a different vision. He believes that if Gaethje seeks to remain active, he would be willing to end his retirement and challenge Gaethje for the BMF belt in the welterweight division.

Masvidal suggested: “I think he should defend it against me at 170, if you ask me, man. That’s what should happen.”