Jorge Masvidal slams ‘king of sucking c**k’ Colby Covington in fiery rant

Jorge Masvidal has had some strong words for his bitter rival, Colby Covington, ahead of his highly anticipated hometown return at UFC 287 in Miami.

In a recent media appearance, Masvidal referred to Covington as the “king of calling cops and sucking c**ks” and made it clear that he does not want him in attendance at the event.

The feud between Masvidal and Covington dates back a long way, as they were once former training partners and good friends. However, tensions grew away from the cage and their once-great relationship quickly deteriorated, leading to a very public falling out.

In the lead-up to their grudge match at UFC 272, fans were subjected to some very personal and relentless trash-talking between the pair.

Covington ultimately emerged victorious in the bout, but their beef spilled over into real life as Masvidal allegedly assaulted his fellow UFC star outside a steakhouse two weeks later. Charges were pressed and a trial is set for May.

Despite Covington’s claims that Masvidal gave him a brain injury, the local fan favorite was quick to shut down rumors of his attendance at UFC 287, citing his three felony charges of aggravated battery and criminal mischief. Masvidal also expressed concern that the UFC would be sued if Covington were to fight for any title.

Masvidal’s disdain for Covington was palpable, with the former referring to the latter as an “attention seeking w*e” and “king of calling cops and sucking cks.” Masvidal also reiterated that he has a restraining order against Covington and does not want him within 100 feet of him.