Jorge Masvidal calls for Conor McGregor street scrap: McGregor’s – a ‘f****** b****

Retired UFC star Jorge Masvidal has made scathing remarks about Conor McGregor, accusing the Irishman of avoiding bouts with him on multiple occasions and allegedly using PEDs. Despite never having faced each other in the octagon during their UFC careers, Masvidal has expressed his strong urge to dismantle the cult figure that McGregor is.

In a candid interview with TMZ, Masvidal didn’t hold back his feelings towards McGregor. He openly expressed his desire to compete against McGregor.

He said: “Really, I would like to fight Conor because he’s such a b****. I can’t stand that dude. But him on the street for free, ’cause he’ll never fight me in the ring.”

“He never mentions my f****** name in a comment and yet he’s p***** hot, taking st**oids as we all know, calling out Dustin and Justin. Shut the f*** up, and do the due process. You f****** b****! Conor doesn’t want [a fight with me]. He’s shut it down like 3 or 4 times and he’s told people that I’m too big for him, yet he’s at my weight class, 170.”

Masvidal went on to say: “He knows that the way that I’d beat him is the way that he wins fights. Stand up, f***ing punching his teeth in and kicking his ribs in, so I know it’s just not good for his brand.”

After a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC287 in Miami, Masvidal announced his retirement from the UFC. But in a recent conversation with TMZ, he hinted at the possibility of returning to the octagon. Although he is not considering an immediate comeback, Masvidal indicated that he might return to claim the coveted BMF belt.

He said: “Not now, but at some point, I think I gotta come back.”

But he asserted that any future match would have to be in the 170lb weight class, where he feels most comfortable. He continued: “I think I’m going to have to come back and snatch that [BMF] belt up real quick. Something like that. But not at [155lb], they gotta come up to [170lb].”