Jorge Masvidal blasts Covington for blaming loss on Trump

Former UFC luminary Jorge Masvidal did not mince words when addressing his rival Colby Covington’s attempt to lay blame on Donald Trump for his recent defeat.

Masvidal announced his retirement from mixed martial arts last year. He is currently promoting his GameBred BareKnuckle MMA promotion. The event will take place on March 2nd in Orlando, Florida, at the Kia Center. There will be a card between former UFC champion Junior Dos Santos and former BKFC champion Alan Belcher. It will be televised live and free on the GameBred Bareknuckle MMA Youtube channel.

In a candid interview leading up to the event, Masvidal didn’t hold back when asked about Covington’s excuses after the match. Covington alleged that biased judges were swayed by his Trump supporter status. This led to his defeat against Leon Edwards.

Masvidal responded: “I’ve never met such a h– in my life, such a b—-, he’s doing all this fake stuff because he doesn’t know anything about politics, he just attaches his name to Trump, hoping Trump will tweet his name and show up to his fight, and things like that and the guy knows nothing about politics, nothing about immigration laws, nothing about 401ks, foreign policies, domestic policy, he knows nothing, all this guy does is throw his money away gambling in poker and paying for pr**titutes to be in his videos.”

Masvidal doesn’t shy away from attacking Covington’s lavish lifestyle. Accusing him of frivolous spending on gambling, Masvidal diminishes Covington’s credibility as a serious athlete. He continued criticising Covington, condemning his excessive use of Trump’s name.

“For him to go out there and involve Trump’s name so much and then say people don’t like because I roll with Trump and they robbed because of Trump, you’re f—ing piece of sh-t, and now you’re blaming the greatest President this country has ever seen? You’re blaming your shitty a– loss in which you didn’t do a damn thing, everyone says, even your mom says you’re a f—ing bum, you’re going to blame that on Trump because you’re such a f—ing bum? He’s such a piece of sh–”