John Fury demands $200,000 from KSI for Tommy Fury bet

Recently, John Fury urged KSI to honor a £200,000 bet following his son Tommy’s recent win over the YouTuber. This call for settlement comes after Tommy secured a narrow points victory.

John Fury asserts that KSI agreed to the £200,000 wager on the bout’s outcome, a commitment that now demands fulfillment. The terms of this bet were openly discussed and documented during a live podcast session.

In a candid video message addressed to KSI, John emphasized the importance of honoring agreements. Drawing a clear distinction, he urged KSI to avoid the path taken by Jake Paul and instead uphold his end of the bargain.

Fury Sr stated: “This is a quick video for KSI. You owe me £200,000. We had a bet. I want paying.”

“Now don’t be like the other fella Jake Paul. Be a man and pay your bets. We had a bet live on a podcast, we’ve got all the evidence there, we’ll put it all together.”

“You owe me, John Fury, £200,000. I want paying. Thank you very much.”

The pivotal discussion took place on a Twitch stream hosted by Adin Ross. Accompanied by his son Tommy, John engaged in a spirited verbal exchange with KSI.

John stated in the stream: “I will bet you $200,000 that he beats the s**t out of you. It’s only 200,000 because I’m not as rich as you guys. I’m only a working man.”

KSI went on to reply by saying: “You know what? Deal. I’ll take your deal.”

Further, KSI pledged to redirect the proceeds of the bet to a charitable cause should he emerge victorious.

Despite the intense back-and-forth, KSI is yet to respond to John Fury’s call for payment.

Throughout the lead-up to the match, John Fury was an active participant in its promotion. He tried to brawl with Tommy’s opponent when the two squared up and were seen attempting to break down the glass barrier between Tommy and KSI.

Earlier in the bout’s promotion, John also hurled a bottle at KSI which caused KSI to spit at John.

While Tommy and KSI have settled their in-ring differences, the rift between John Fury and KSI shows no signs of abating. It seems that this chapter is only just beginning.