Joe Rogan’s breaks down how 240lbs Bodybuilder would fare against 125lbs MMA champ Demetrious Johnson

Bodybuilder and YouTuber Bradley Martyn recently reacted to comments made by Joe Rogan about his chances in a brawl against Demetrious Johnson, the current ONE flyweight champion.

Bradley Martyn is a 34-year-old bodybuilder and YouTuber. He has gained massive popularity on the platform, boasting over 3 million subscribers. Martyn has captivated his audience by regularly uploading captivating content, showcasing his lifting stunts and his strength.

Martyn recently stirred up a buzz online with his remarks about Demetrious Johnson. During a podcast with his friend and MMA personality Brendan Schaub, he expressed his belief that Johnson would easily defeat Bradley Martyn in a brawl.

Bradley Martyn quickly fired back at the claims, expressing confidence in his abilities to prevail in a potential brawl against the former UFC champion. He boldly stated: “I’m going to crush his head on the floor.”

The two met again, and Schaub revealed that Johnson’ had shown interest in facing Martyn in a grappling match. This revelation added further fuel to the fire.

Joe Rogan, also weighed in on the potential matchup between Demetrious Johnson and Bradley Martyn. Rogan emphatically stated that Martyn stood “no chance” against the flyweight star.

He said: “No chance, he [Bradley Martyn] has no chance. He’s going to get his back taken.”

In response to Joe Rogan’s breakdown, Bradley Martyn found it hilarious that Rogan described the potential matchup as a “street” scrap.

Interestingly, Joe Rogan once praised NBA star LeBron James. He stated that he possessed all the attributes to become a successful MMA combatant.

Rogan admired James for his natural physical aspects, which he believed were unattainable even with the use of PEDs. According to Rogan, LeBron James would be a formidable challenge for any combatant in the UFC.

Rogan stated: “I don’t give a f*** what kind of st**oids you take, you are never going to look like that. Never. There are human beings who have just the most unfathomable physical advantages. LeBron James would have an unfathomable physical advantage over someone who would have an unfathomable physical advantage over you….A guy like that, if he was fighting, everybody would be f***ed!”