Joe Rogan’s biggest regret is a hair transplant left him with a ‘giant scar’

Renowned American stand-up comedian, podcaster, UFC color commentator, actor, and former TV host Joe Rogan has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. He is known for his role in Fear Factor and his significant presence in the MMA world. Rogan also hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

The podcast boasts a diverse array of special guests, engaging in discussions that span various aspects of life. Rogan’s extensive career includes stints in TV shows and a successful period as a stand-up comedian during his youth.

Despite his bald appearance, Rogan confidently embraces his look. But in a podcast episode, Rogan discussed his hair transplant which left him scarred. It resulted in an unexpected scar on the back of his head.

Joe Rogan interrupted a conversation on liposuction and cosmetic surgery to state, “Well, I had a hair transplant.”

Fans have long been aware of Joe Rogan’s baldness, hair loss, and maybe even his hair transplant. However, not everyone is aware of Joe Rogan’s scar on the back of his skull.

Rogan expressed regret about the hair transplant, deeming it one of the dumbest decisions he ever made. He said: “Well, I had a hair transplant. That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. One of the dumbest things.”

The pressure to maintain an appealing look in the visual entertainment industry coupled with impending hair loss, prompted Rogan’s choice to undergo the surgery.

He said: “I just was scared that I was going bald. I was like, what can you do? And they tell you they can fix it. They’re like, oh, great. I’ll just get it fixed. But it doesn’t really fix it.”

Rogan went into the technicalities, expressing dissatisfaction with his hair texture and suggesting it might have been a crucial factor in the transplant’s failure. The regret and dissatisfaction were evident as Rogan compared his procedure to modern techniques that leave minimal scarring.

He continued: “People with thick hair follicles can get away with it. My hair would have looked way better, but I have thin hair.”

Rogan also joked about the state of his transplant process. He said: “I have this giant scar on the back of my head. It looks like a smile… It’s like a piece of meat… Yeah, my joke was that it’s like taking people from a town where everybody’s healthy and moving them into a town where everybody’s dying. The only ones that were left were like the new recruits. Like the hair that was supposed to be up there was already falling out.”

Joe Rogan went on to compare the operation performed on him with the most recent ones that are now being offered. Unlike the scar Rogan possesses, these operations do not leave a horizontal scar on the patient’s head.

He said: “They take it from the back of your head. They take a strip off the back of your head. Now the way they do it, And a lot of places, they do it differently. They do one individual follicle at a time.”