Joe Rogan wants to see the Incredible Hulk rip his pants

UFC commentator Joe Rogan often shares his intriguing thoughts in his renowned podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He talked about various subjects, offering a unique perspective shaped by years of diverse experiences. Additionally, Rogan hosts guests who are equally prepared to tackle a wide range of topics, creating an engaging and crowded debate space.

In a particular episode, Rogan turns his attention to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and examines its ability to make sense of the most outlandish sci-fi and technological elements. While the core fandom readily embraces these elements, Rogan questions what doesn’t align with his sense of logic.

The focus sharpens on the Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner’s gamma-radiation-infected alter ego. Rogan draws attention to the difference between the Hulk’s sheer monstrosity and Banner’s intelligence. Comparing the Hulk to Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, Rogan highlights the flaw in Hulk’s design that undermines his believability.

Rogan humorously asserts: “The most ridiculous thing about the Hulk is his pants. He never loses his pants. This dude is gigantic. He’s so much bigger than Bruce Banner. Bruce Banner is like a little unassuming scientist who’s built like Ben Shapiro and then all of a sudden he turns into that guy [the Hulk] and the pants somehow still fit. How the f*ck – how the f*ck do you not see that giant green d*ck?”

“Those pants would pop off just the same way his shirt would. This is ridiculous. Somebody needs to do a new version of the Hulk with the giant green d*ck like Dr. Manhattan in the Watchmen. It wasn’t too long ago where in the Watchmen, you were allowed to see Dr. Manhattan’s d*ck […] and he is built like the Hulk – same thing.”

There is very little chance that Marvel will revamp any of their main characters. But if one were to take Rogan’s theories seriously, we would have to follow that line of reasoning to Luke Jacobson’s She-Hulk and the highly developed suits that can now hold Banner in his Smart Hulk state. All of that practically nullifies Joe Rogan’s argument in the context of the current comic book movie adaptations.

While Joe Rogan makes a valid argument, the Watchmen comics have a much darker history. The Watchmen’s plot is primarily satirical, exploring what could happen if superpowered individuals gave in to the temptations of their strength and started to believe they were gods.

Furthermore, the entire socio-philosophical and theological debate surrounding the significance of Dr. Manhattan appearing nude is captured by the Watchmen comics and its author, Alan Moore. It is clear that Dr. Manhattan has transcended humanity to become more god-like, so he need not follow these customs just to appear polite among other humans.

Marvel’s intergenerational appeal necessitates a more restrained approach. Aimed at inspiring audiences of all ages, Marvel’s censorship aligns with mass readership preferences.