Joe Rogan suggests Carnivore diet to Kevin James

Renowned comedian and Hollywood star Kevin James recently graced the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He shared his insights into his fitness journey and revealed a surprising connection with martial arts.

Both James and Rogan are enthusiasts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and started their training journey together. While Rogan attained the prestigious Black Belt, James currently holds the rank of a Blue Belt.

During the podcast, James disclosed his fitness regimen and credited a nutritionist for keeping him in shape. Despite this guidance, James admitted to indulging in a fair share of junk food whenever he pleased. In response, Rogan offered a compelling solution to James’ weight concerns.

He said: “One thing that you can try, that I guarantee will help you lose weight, is the carnivore diet. Because if you do it, the one thing that you’re going to not eat is any carbohydrates. You’re only going to eat meat, and if you cut out all bread, all pasta, all sugar…I’m not saying this is the best diet…this one works the best for me, it keeps me lean.”

Emphasizing the elimination of carbohydrates from one’s diet, Rogan advocated for a meat-exclusive intake. By cutting out bread, pasta, and sugar, he asserted that this method had proven effective in maintaining his own lean physique.

Rogan discussed the science behind the carnivore diet, explaining that meat-only consumption results in the body relying on fats and proteins for energy. This process induces a Ketogenic state, fostering mental clarity and heightened energy levels. While acknowledging the benefits of carbohydrates as a fuel source, Rogan highlighted the potential for overeating when consuming carbohydrate-rich foods.

‘Here Comes the Boom’ is a sports comedy film with an MMA theme, starring Kevin James. He played a high school teacher in the film who purposefully loses matches in order to get money. But as time went on, he realized that winning would bring him more money.

Joe Rogan appeared as himself in the movie, negotiating on behalf of the UFC in a pivotal scene. This marked Rogan’s final role in a theatrically released film, concluding his on-screen career before transitioning to an appearance as himself in the Netflix-released ‘Bright’. Notably, Rogan had previously collaborated with Kevin James in another film, ‘Zookeeper’.