Joe Rogan scared straight a chicken that was going rogue on his family

UFC commentator, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan has been featured in the 2022 Time 100, an annual list of hundred most influential people from all fields of life. Rogan is also an avid martial artists that holds black belts in jiu jitsu, in the 10th planet modality of jiu jitsu and has substantial taekwondo experience.

Over the course of the last decade, Rogan has consistently praised indulging in primal instincts and has long been infatuated with apes. And the familiarity with the ape community served him well when it came to maintaining his own coop.

Recently Rogan shared a comedic story about a chicken scared straight.

“Chicken pecked at my daughter’s feet. And she was like… to my wife was like, ‘Oh, the chicken thinks her foot is a worm.’.”

” I go no, it’s trying to f**king eat her. You understand? That’s a little dinosaur. It’s not like thinking that’s a worm. That’s a little thing that it thinks it can tack because it’s not much bigger than it and it took a shot took a shot at picking it they pick it each other man, and I grabbed that f**king chicken by the neck.”

” And I looked in the eye go I will f**king kill you. What it is saying to say let go and it never f**k with the kids again, and I’m not bullshitting. I’m not bullsh***ing.”

“because that chicken had it in his head. There’s gonna pack your kids the big ape had his hands around its neck and it knew it was totally helpless right one hands breast and it was like clawing at me one hand on its neck.”

” I go I will f***ing kill Jesus and then I brought it back to the chicken coop and I let it go and I never touched it again. And it never fu**ed with anybody after that. It had to know that you can’t eat kids, you piece of s*it.”