Joe Rogan reveals he gave himself Arsenic poisoning eating Sardines

Popular UFC commentator Joe Rogan sat down with Elon Musk for a captivating discussion on a wide array of topics in a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Among the intriguing revelations, Musk delved into the history of his rivalry with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and shed light on the sudden demise of their proposed MMA showdown.

Yet, an unexpected twist arose in their conversation as it shifted towards the realities of mercury poisoning. It was here that Rogan disclosed a surprising personal encounter with arsenic poisoning stemming from an unexpected source – sardines.

Rogan remarked: “You can get arsenic from sardines, too. I found that out the hard way. I got my bloodwork done, and the doctor says, ‘You have arsenic in your blood. I go, ‘Is someone poisoning me?’ He said, ‘It’s very low levels.'”

It turned out that Rogan’s fondness for sardines had led to an unintended consequence – arsenic poisoning.

Rogan went on to say: “Yeah, I eat like three cans of sardines a night. I love sardines. I love them. I really do. I’ve always loved sardines.”

“I come home late from the comedy club, and I want something easy to eat. I don’t want to stop for fast food. So I open up a few cans of sardines.”

Who would have thought that indulging in sardines could potentially result in arsenic poisoning?

As per the National Library of Medicine, “Dietary consumption of arsenic is considered the largest source of toxicosis for nonoccupationally exposed individuals as it can be ingested through contaminated underground water, seafood, animal products, and crops irrigated with polluted water.”

Rogan subsequently shared that he has since cut back on eating sardines. He went on to say: “I stopped doing it. I got my bloodwork done a couple months later, and it was gone.”