Joe Rogan reacts to his almost a decade old Alex Pereira prediction coming true at UFC 295

After defeating Jiri Prochazka, Alex Pereira became one of the fastest two-division UFC champions. He received his title in only seven bouts within the UFC. His extraordinary achievement parallels his success in Glory Kickboxing, where he held two titles simultaneously.

Pereira exhibited exceptional technical prowess during the bout, dominating with punishing calf kicks and precise counterpunches that dismantled his opponent’s defense.

Despite his relatively brief tenure in the sport, Pereira continues to reach substantial milestones as he showcases consistent and impressive performances. The light heavyweight division seems to suit him better, aligning with his size and stature. He has positioned himself as a formidable challenger among the division’s top contenders.

At UFC 295, Pereira showcased his striking prowess, putting his exceptional stand-up skills on full display. Acknowledging Pereira’s kickboxing expertise, UFC commentator Joe Rogan talked about how his specialized skills seamlessly translated into success within the UFC.

Joe Rogan has been a vocal advocate of Pereira’s transition into MMA since 2015. He also reiterated his excitement for Pereira’s shift from kickboxing to MMA.

Rogan stated: “I was very excited that he was going to compete in MMA because I know how extraordinary he is in kickboxing, and there’s something about specialists, whether they’re specialists in wrestling or specialists in kickboxing.”

The bout between Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka concluded amidst controversy. UFC commentators Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier also voiced their opinions on referee Mark Goddard’s decision to stop the bout prematurely. But Prochazka clarified the situation, affirming the referee’s decision as correct.

Rogan went on to defend the referee as well, saying Goddard had enough experience to know what to do. He said: “Look, Goddard is the closest. He’s right there; he’s looking into their eyes; he’s seeing Jiri’s eyes roll back in his head. Goddard is as good as it gets. He’s one of the best referees in the world.”

This defeat marked the first in the UFC for Prochazka, breaking a streak of victories in mixed martial arts dating back to mid-2016. Moreover, it signified his return to the octagon following a significant shoulder injury in late 2022 that sidelined him for nearly a year.